Orange you crazy about March?!

March is better known as a “green” month, not so much the environmentally aware type of green but the color you wear to avoid being pinched.

March is less known for another color I’d like to put out there. ORANGE! Yep that’s right, that tart little fruit color should be one of the most used colors of this month. I know for many people they think “Orange? I don’t look good in neons” We’ll this month I challenge you to make it work.

First reason and my main reason for doing so is because it is National Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month, and the official MS color is Orange!

Secondly, it’s the said to be the new pink of the season.

And lastly, If you can make a color like orange, which stands out no matter where you are, then you can make anything work, show some support for those who can’t move, and move yourself right into a little orange support.

Here are some examples of people making orange look good!

A very cute Reese Witherspoon wearing an orange scarf and bag and she paired it with a green top, looks great for the casual day and you wont get pinched!

Little JoJo all grown up and wearing a very cute orange dress.

This one is a little more daring, Ms. Pussy Cat Dolls herself looking very “March” in this picture, more green than I normally go for and the hat is a bit much but that dress paired with the orange cardie looks good.

Now here are a few options that you can do as well. If you aren’t bold enough to wear a full orange outfit you could always add a cute orange bag H&M Purse

H&M Bag

You can also add some cute orange flats

Or wear an Orange skirt or Orange Cardigan


All the items I posted (except the celebrity pictures) can be found on and many can also be found in store. H&M has gone Orangetastic this season and so why not take advantage!

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Dress to Impress

With the economy the way it is, finding a job or keeping it may be one of the hardest things to do now in days.  One thing that can and will absolutely help is dressing to impress!  Think about it, put yourself in the interviewers shoes, you have a person walk in wearing jeans a t-shirt and some dirty shoes, hair isn’t done, and quite frankly they don’t smell all that great… Think they have a shot?  Maybe if they are applying to work as a garbage man… not in any sort of office setting.  Next walks in a person who is well-groomed and dressed in a business suit (for girls there are many options for this) the chances of them getting a second interview is much higher, research has shown this to be true time and again go look it up!  So here are some great outfits to wear either to interviews or to work or if you just want to look like your important 🙂

$17.80 Forever 21

I would suggest that whenever wearing a tube dress, wear a nice jacket over during the interview, and if dress code allows while at work then you can dismiss that once you have the job.

$59 Dillard's

$39 Jacket $36 Skirt Dillard's

I realize that suits and some of these dresses are not as inexpensive as most outfits I put up here, However it’s worth paying a little more when it comes to your work or interview clothing in the long run.

$21.60 Top $20.40 Bottom Dillard's

$69 Dillard's

I’ve been to Dillard’s several times and have seen and bought plenty of pant/skirt suits for around $40 on sale which is awesome!  So just remember to check out sales because it doesn’t always mean something bad but it does always mean your saving money!

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An IPhone Must Have!

Saw this App and thought I would share!  Straight to the Ipod touch… If I can steal it long enough from the BF… I really need to invest in one of my own soon, I’m missing out!

It’s the Pocket Closet App, You can photograph your wardrobe and arrange outfits right on your phone or Ipod to see if it’s Chic before even getting out of bed, or trying on hundreds of outfits!  Sounds like an awesome idea to me! Plus it’s only $.99 to have!

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Some Spring Faves!

I have said this before and I’ll say it again… I LOVE SPRING!  Here are some of my faves as well as where to buy them and how much cheaper you can get them!

$11.04 Forever 21

I love the Cardigan/Sweater Vests, they are really cute!

$5.99 Forever 21

Fedora’s not just for Indiana Jones anymore!  Only keep it a little less running through the Arcs and a little more chic! This one is a nice medium but there are def many more choices to pick out, this one happens to be at a great price!

$4.00 Charlotte Russe

Oversized rings!  A MUST!

A few more rings for only $4.00 yes that’s freaking awesome!

There are so many different rings you can wear these just happen to be some of my fave colors but there are some that are also really awesome, and there are tons for only $4.00 on the Charlotte Russe website!

$3.99 Forever 21

I am not the biggest sequins fan, but if you wear it to accessorize your outfit such as with a sequins beret! Yes that’s totally cute!  But as a major part of your outfit…. That’s a NO for instance the following picture…


It’s just too much… I can understand dresses and shirts that have sequins on it but to overpower a piece in your outfit with it, please just don’t even look twice at it.

$16.99 Forever 21

Ok, I know in many parts of the world its starting to warm up and so the need for a pea coat seems a little unnecessary HOWEVER, this one is way cute and its less than $20, not easy to find normally, so I’d take advantage, plus whose to say that it doesn’t get really cold when you least expect it!  Plus I really love the way they look!

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Easter Weekend is here so… Be an Egg?

Happy Easter weekend to all of you, whether you are religious or not you can still enjoy the festivities and get in on the fun!  Depending on where in the world you live it may be sunny and 70 degree weather or it may be raining and cold, but no matter where you are you can look your best in…. an egg?

Yes your eyes are seeing them right, these ladies on the runway are wearing egg inspired dresses.  Taking the easter egg hunt a little too literally, but all the while looking good doing it, even with a baguette on the head.

Now we may not all be able to afford high fashion like this, but we all can afford to wear the egg style, we can make it ourselves and have fun doing it!

Yes, I am of course joking!  However if you really want to try it out, the Dollar stores in your town will have the Easter eggs for children which you can buy a few bags off and try to create your own egg dress, and I may have been joking but I am sure the kids would have a ball creating and wearing them during your Sunday Easter Egg hunt!

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Unique? I Think So!

Ok, I need to give a shout out to some kick ass women with style and guts out there.  The first is Katy Perry.  I love this chick!  She is the definition of a free spirit, plus I actually like her style, which is why I am mentioning her in the first place. I personally don’t think I could pull off some of her outfits, such as a sequins bra and shorts but there are definitely a few that I love. the following are just a few…

Innocent is the last thing anyone would accuse her of being however with this outfit makes her look as sweet and innocent as a powerpuff girl. I think it’s adorable.

Ok, I LOVE this outfit, in the words of America’s ditz, “That’s Hot” It’s professional and sexy at the same time, sure it looks a little futuristic but I think it’s awesome.

Um, can anyone say Brunette Marylin Monroe?  Nuf said.

Ok the next daring chick I need to mention, Lady Gaga, Yes she’s insane and I would never recommend copying her style because, well let’s face it, its seriously crazy.  However she’s the most unique person I’ve ever seen. And heck, she’s got the talent to do whatever she wants to.  Here are some the crazy outfits she likes to wear…

Really, have no words…

I actually think this one is awesome, probably my favorite.

Ok, well that was fun, a little off the normal topic but hey sometimes you need to give credit where it’s due, and these ladies are fun to listen to and to watch, and you can take a couple of tips from them as well, I’m not saying try to copy the looks, I’m saying be yourself and be unique, you don’t need to look like everyone else, you don’t need to wear the latest trend to be cool, be you that’s all you need.  However it does help to have talent and a record label if you want to be as out there as Lady Gaga otherwise your just a crazy person who likes to walk around with Kermit all over you.

Spring is in the air!

Absolutely my most favorite season of all!  It’s not too cold or too hot, flowers begin to bloom, and love is in the air!  Plus of course spring dresses and outfits are totally cute!

$22.80 Forever 21

I’m really of fan of this dress, it’s fun, bright, and definitely spring like!  I would definitely wear a pair of black leggings underneath if you don’t want to show your who-ha to everyone when the wind blows.  That being said, everyone should own a pair of black leggings, they can be worn with so many different outfits and really bring it together.

You can find leggings at almost all clothing shop, Forever 21 has them for less than $10 if you really want to penny pinch I’ve found them at Ross for $5

$10.80 Forever 21

One of my favorite things about spring/summer are the hats, the big floppy ones!  This one is way cute and it’s not so big that people will think carnival prize and not so small that you feel like a five-year old.  Plus you can even wear it with the previous dress I posted.  I see so many possibilities for this hat its insane!  Dresses, Jeans,  even bathing suits, go to the beach and wear this hat as you read a good book, or admire the local men’s volleyball team 😉 or surfers… Whatever your preference.

$49.90 Windsor

I really love this style of dress, it’s cute and professional, stylish in the workplace? Count me in! Plus style it up with cute necklaces and bracelets and a cute clutch and your set!


Bathing Suit season has started!…. From Spring break to Summer it’s time to stock up and despite what my boyfriend tells me, I don’t believe you can have too many bathing suits.

$36 (set) Victorias Secret

I love this swim suit its adorable!  Totally part of the style I’ve really gotten into.

$21 Top $15 Bottom Victorias Secret

Okay, you can buy your swimsuits at many different places, however I am a big fan of VS swim suits and I don’t think there are badly priced so that’s where I stick to it, but I’m sure there are plenty of other places you can get cheaper swimsuits like wet seal and Ross but as far as I am concerned for the price the quality and style, I stick to VS.

Oh and Don’t forget…. Sunglasses, sandals/flip-flops, and Sunscreen!